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LANG YARNS - Wooladdicts #5

To create a piece of knitting is to create a piece of art. You must learn every single craft rule if you want to design the unexpected. Not all craft journeys were meant for you. But that doesn’t mean you should regret them. Of course not! Being creative is not a choice, it’s a gift, which helps you find your true self. For some crafters that will mean going back to basics. If this is you, tie some knots… just to unknot the clutter your mind. Other need to stretch their creative minds to be pushed to their limits. Either way, both will lead you to glory. There is no right or wrong way here. Just keep in mind you don’t need the approval of other crafters. Focus only on yourself only, except when you’re reading a knitting instruction. Find your flow in every row you make. Be cre(ART)ive – Be art! And when you think you’ve lost all hope for inspiration, let creativity lead you to even greater aspirations.

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