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LANG YARNS - Wooladdicts #7

Honor yourself first… It all starts from within. Build yourself that particular creative and affective sphere and then expand outwards. Be self-sufficient. You need to make choices every day, but never forget to include yourself in your day planning. You are not an option. If you want to please someone, then please yourself first. Don’t be afraid of wandering in the labyrinth of your creative thoughts. Once you find the right path, you will get the right inspiration and know that everything has been worth the trouble. If you need help to choose which way to go, always decide with an open heart and mind. Because you will never go astray when you follow your heart. Don’t let negativity influence your creativity – don’t take it to heart. Regardless other knitters’ approval, it will still be a masterpiece you have created. Define what you want to express… create from within. Remember: the feeling of creation already runs through your veins.

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